Duplicate Passports (in lieu of lost/damaged Passports)

Please submit your application with the following documents:

  •  Original Police Report intimating about loss of passport
  • Eight photographs
  •  Additional information form for issue of duplicate passports. Form to be obtained from the Embassy
  •  Clear Photocopy of previous (lost) passport.
  • Statement giving details of the date/place/circumstances of the loss of passport
  • Copies of any document indicating the personal particulars and the nationality status of the applicant. (The originals may also be required to be shown to the Embassy).
  • One copy of the relevant affidavit.
  • Applicants are required to personally come to the Embassy for a duplicate passport in lieu of a lost/damaged passport
  • It may take up to 1 month to complete the verification process before duplicate passports can be issue. Duplicate passports are issued only on receipt of clearances from the concerned authorities in India. Applicants are, therefore, requested to refrain from making written/e-mail/telephone inquires during this period.
  •  It is important to furnish full, accurate and truthful information in the form. Misrepresentation of facts may result in denial of passport facilities. Applications received with incomplete details will not be processed. In case of second loss/damage a triplicate passport is issued with a warning letter. Application in respect of habitual losers of passports require even longer periods for processing.
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  • Working : 09:00 am and 11:30 am on all working days, (Mondays to Fridays) except Holidays.
  • Telephone Numbers : 00-251-11-6362010
  • E-Mail :hoc.addisababa@mea.gov.in