Government of Ethiopia Advisory on Ebola Virus Disease

Ethiopia has not reported any Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) cases so far. Based on WHO recommendations, Ethiopia has taken certain precautionary steps to prevent the introduction and spread of EVD.

Ethiopia continues to operate flights to and from West Africa/affected countries, including Nigeria, DRC, Senegal and other unaffected countries like Ghana, Mali, Togo, etc. Screening of travelers is being implemented at the country of origin and in Addis Ababa. All passengers travelling on any carrier from the above countries will be screened at Addis Ababa airport for temperature using infrared thermometers. Passengers with high temperature will be examined further by a trained doctor at the airport for the risk of Ebola exposure based on the standard (WHO and CDC) Ebola case definition. If at no risk, the person will be allowed to leave, if at low risk, the person will be allowed to leave but with advise and continuous follow up by health team. If the person is at high risk, he/she will be quarantined at pre-designated Ebola Isolation Centre in Addis Ababa. The laboratory results will determine whether the person can leave or not.

All passengers who come to Ethiopia will be asked to fill their detailed information while on board based on the standard format developed and distributed by Ministry of Health. The screening team at airport will collect the filled format from the passengers. Passengers who are transiting through Addis Ababa and who Ethiopian Airlines reserve Hotels for are obliged to stay only in Hotels that are reserved. All passengers, from affected or high risk countries, who enter Ethiopia, will be tracked and checked for their health status, on a daily basis for at most 21 days by trained health workers.

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