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    Proposals under Second India Africa Forum Summit

    The Second Africa India Forum Summit has been held successfully in Addis Ababa from May 24-25, 2011. Africa- India Framework for Enhanced Cooperation to supplement the existing Framework of Cooperation between India and Africa was adopted at the Summit. It has added further momentum to India engagement with Africa. The participation was decided by African Union as per the Banjul Formula and out of the 15 countries, 9 Heads of States/ Governments attended the Summit (Equatorial Guinea as co-Chair of the Summit, Burundi, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritania, Senegal, Swaziland. Namibia was represented by its Prime Minister, South Africa by Deputy President and Nigeria by Vice-President. Algeria was represented by the Personal Representative of Algerian President. Egypt and Libya were represented by a Ministerial delegation. The Prime Minister of India announced Line of Credit of US$5 billion for the next three years to help Africa achieve its development goals. An additional US$700 million to establish new institutions and 22000 training positions has also been offered. We have also committed a support of US$2 million for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

    2. Establishment of institutions at Pan Africa Level

    India- Africa Food Processing Cluster;

    India- Africa integrated Textile Cluster;

    India- Africa Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting;

    India- Africa University for Life and Earth Sciences;

    India- Africa Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development

    3. Establishment of institutions at Regional Level

    Soil, Water and Tissue Testing Laboratories,

    Farm Science Centres,

    Agricultural Seed Production-cum-Demonstration Centres,

    Material Testing Laboratories for Highways,

    Biomass gasifier systems,

    Solar charging stations

    4. Establishment of institutions at Bilateral Level

    Rural Technology Parks,

    Food Testing Laboratories,

    Food Processing Business Incubation Centres,

    Centre on Geo-Informatics Applications and Rural Development,

    English Language Training Institutes,

    Entrepreneur Development Institutes,

    Information Technology Centres,

    Vocational Training Centres,

    Vocational Training Centres (Barefoot College)

    5. Capacity Building (Special Training courses) offered under IAFS-II are as follows:

    Training in Agricultural sector, including Food processing

    Training on Promotion of Rural Development (Micro Enterprises, Management of Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Project, etc.)

    Training in Road transport sector

    Training in Health and Family Welfare – fellowships to promote awareness of Indian traditional medicines in Africa, training positions in programmes to enhance the knowledge and strengthen the skills of the traditional medicine regulators/practitioners of Africa.

    Training in Hydropower sector ,wind energy, solar energy

    Training in Oil & Natural Gas sector

    Training in Hydro, thermal, Power Grid sector

    Training in sports to train sports bodies, athletes and government officials in all aspects of anti-doping, including training of doping control officers

    Training in IT sector to raise general level of proficiency in IT;

    Police Training in Security sector training courses on drug law enforcement, disaster and risk management and economic offences including cyber crime for police personnel

    Training in postal sector provide assistance to develop postal infrastructure, replicate Project Arrow with a centralized monitoring system, workplace computer training centre and centralized control office.

    Training in Art & Culture conservation of museum objects, for craftsman and artisan

    Training in stock exchanges

    Training in Maritime sector

    Training in Civil aviation sector

    Training in industrial sector

    Training in Water Resources sector

    Training in Oncology

    Training in Climate Change and Environment

    6. HRD and Scholarships:

    Total scholarships to Africa students – more than 22,000 for the next three years

    India-Africa Virtual University to be established in India and offer 10,000 scholarships through the Virtual University

    Enhancement of ICCR Scholarships

    Enhancement of ITEC scholarships

    Special Agricultural scholarships

    CV Raman fellowship

    AYUSH fellowship

    Post Doctoral Research Fellowships in Social Sciences

    Shipping/ Maritime sector scholarships in Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

    7. Supporting Business and Infrastructure

    Establishment of India- Africa Food Processing Cluster;

    Establishment of India- Africa integrated Textile Cluster;

    Establishment of India-Africa Business Council

    Feasibility studies for developing railways

    Wind Energy Resources Assessment

    Electrifying houses

    Material Testing Laboratories for Highways,

    Biomass gasifier systems,

    Solar charging stations

    8. Experience Sharing

    Conference by ICWA on Academic Exchanges in African countries

    ICCR Chairs for fostering and strengthening educational and cultural bonds towards enhancing academic knowledge by academic exchanges

    Experience sharing on Planning Bodies

    Visit of Young Parliamentarians

    Visit of Indian and African Journalists

    Climate Change and Environment

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